Sony cyber-shot dsc-t9 User Manual (en)

• Do not use or store the “Memory Stick Duo” 
under the following conditions:
– High temperature locations such as the hot 
interior of a car parked in direct sunlight
– Locations exposed to direct sunlight
– Humid locations or locations with corrosive 
substances present
Notes on using the Memory Stick Duo 
Adaptor (not supplied)
• To use a “Memory Stick Duo” with a “Memory 
Stick” compliant device, be sure to insert the 
“Memory Stick Duo” into a Memory Stick Duo 
Adaptor. If you insert a “Memory Stick Duo” 
into a “Memory Stick” compliant device 
without a Memory Stick Duo Adaptor, you 
might not be able to remove it from the device.
• When inserting a “Memory Stick Duo” into a 
Memory Stick Duo Adaptor, make sure the 
“Memory Stick Duo” is inserted facing in the 
correct direction, then insert it all the way in. 
Incorrect insertion may result in a malfunction.
• When using a “Memory Stick Duo” inserted 
into a Memory Stick Duo Adaptor with a 
“Memory Stick” compliant device, make sure 
that the “Memory Stick Duo” is inserted facing 
the correct direction. Note that improper use 
may damage the equipment.
• Do not insert a Memory Stick Duo Adaptor into 
a “Memory Stick” compliant device without a 
“Memory Stick Duo” attached. Doing so may 
result in malfunction of the unit.
Notes on using “Memory Stick PRO 
Duo” (not supplied)
“Memory Stick PRO Duo” with a capacity up to 
2 GB have been confirmed to operate properly 
with this camera.