Sony DXC-390P User Manual (fr, en, de, es)

Chapter 3   Installation and Connections     
Chapter 3
Attaching the supplied tripod adaptor
Following is an example of attaching the tripod adaptor to
the bottom panel of the camera. You can also attach the
tripod adaptor to the top panel of the camera.
Mounting to a Wall or Ceiling
Attach the camera with the tripod adaptor to the mounting
bracket or suspension bracket using the appropriate screws
(U1/4”, 20 UNC) that fit the tripod holes of the adaptor.
Mounting a Microscope Adaptor
To attach the camera to a microscope, an operating
microscope, etc., it is necessary to mount an appropriate
adaptor. The method for mounting the adaptor is the same as
for the lens.
For details, refer to the instruction manual for each
Mounting on a Tripod
Install the supplied tripod adaptor using the three screw
holes (M3) on the top or bottom panel. Then attach the
tripod to the adaptor using the following mounting screws:
U1/4”, 20 UNC
4 = 4.5 mm 
 0.2 mm (ISO standard)
M3 screws
Tripod adaptor
e.g. Attaching on the bottom panel