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Chapter 4
Typical CCD Phenomena
The following phenomena may appear on the monitor screen
while you are using the DXC-390/390P color video camera.
These phenomena stem from the high sensitivity of the CCD
image sensors, and do not indicate a fault within the camera.
Vertical smear
A “smear” may appear to extend vertically from very bright
subjects, as shown below.
This phenomenon is common to CCD imaging elements
using an interline transfer system, and is caused when
electric charge induced by infrared radiation deep within the
photo sensor is transferred to the resistors.
When shooting fine stripes, straight lines or similar patterns,
the lines may become slightly jagged.
A CCD image sensor consists of an array of individual
picture elements (pixels). A malfunctioning sensor element
will show up as a single pixel blemish in the image. This is
generally not a problem.
White speckles
When you shoot a poorly illuminated object at a high
temperature, small white dots may appear all over the entire
screen image.
Video monitor
Pale vertical
Very bright subject
(such as an electric
lamp, fluorescent
lamp, sunlight, or
strong reflected light)