Sony DXC-390P User Manual (fr, en, de, es)

Chapter 1   Overview     
Chapter 1
RS-232C interface
The camera can be controlled from a computer via the RS-
232C interface.
For details, contact your authorized Sony dealer.
Compact and lightweight
The camera is compact (56 
 128 mm (2
inches)) and very light (approx. 370 g (13 oz)), allowing
easy installation even where space is a problem.
Following are some sample applications:
• As a permanent fixture in theaters, concert halls, etc.
• As a bird’s-eye view camera for special events
• As a video conference system camera
• As a camera for microscopes
• As a rooftop weather-monitoring camera
• As a laboratory monitor camera
equivalent of up to 10 aperture stops. When using the video
camera in a fixed location or for a microscope system, the
AGC, CCD IRIS and auto-iris controls automatically adjust
a wide range of incoming light levels. The desired AE
window can be set by using the AE AREA MANUAL
Wide range of electronic shutter modes
The wide range of speeds for the electronic shutter
minimizes blurring in fast-moving objects and produces
acceptably bright still images of objects shot in poor light.
• Flickerless mode: This mode allows you to obtain
flickerless images shot even under fluorescent light.
• Clear scan mode: This mode reduces horizontal bands
appearing in computer displays when shooting the display
with the conventional video camera.
Versatile use with external equipment
• The video camera is equipped with three types of outputs:
composite, Y/C and RGB outputs. The camera offers a
high-quality picture on a connected monitor or VCR.
• The camera can be remotely controlled with the RM-C950
remote control unit (not supplied).