Panasonic KX-HCM280A User Manual (en)

Panasonic Consumer Electronics Company, 
Division of Panasonic Corporation of North America
Printed in Japan
2005 Panasonic Communications Co., Ltd. All Rights Reserved.
Panasonic Puerto Rico, Inc.
Carefully pack your unit, preferably in the original carton.
Attach a letter, detailing the symptom, to the outside of the carton.
The information in this document is subject to change without notice.
Send the unit to an authorized servicenter, prepaid and adequately insured.
Do not send your unit to the Panasonic Consumer Electronics Company listed below or
to executive or regional sales offices. These locations do not repair consumer products.
When you ship the product
Panasonic Servicenters are listed in the servicenter directory.
Call 1-800-272-7033 for the location of an authorized servicenter.
This Network Camera is designed for use in the United States of America.
Sale or use of this product in other countries/areas may violate local laws.
For product service
This material is copyrighted by Panasonic Communications Co., Ltd., and may be reproduced 
for internal use only. All other reproduction, in whole or in part, is prohibited without the written 
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