Olympus d1400 User Manual (en)

Take the pictures of your lifetime.
Take full creative control.
The EVOLT E-510 has all the features you need to explore your
creative side. It puts you in complete control of your shooting.
You’ll have plenty of flexibility and versatility to capture your shot
exactly the way you picture it. 
– Exercise tight control over your photos with advanced exposure
modes, including program, aperture priority, shutter priority and
full manual control. 
– Get a great shot in any lighting situation with five metering
modes (Multi-pattern, Center-weighted, Spot, Spot Highlight 
and Spot Shadow). 
– Fine tune your photo’s colors with five modes (Vivid, 
Natural, Muted, Monotone, Sepia). Be as creative as your
imagination allows.
– The Evolt E-510 lets you control sharpness, contrast and tone
so you won’t need to tweak later. Shoot in black and white using
five monochrome modes.
– Give yourself plenty of focusing flexibility with five modes (Single
AF, Continuous AF, Manual Focus, Single AF + Manual Focus,
Continuous AF + Manual Focus).
– Built-in, auto pop-up flash with six modes, including auto and
red-eye reduction. Or manually adjust flash intensity.
– Shoot using RAW format for highest image quality and control.
Or shoot using jpeg format for no-hassle sharing, printing
and viewing.
–  OLYMPUS Master Software lets you easily download, edit and
print your photos. Enjoy looking at your pictures in a slide show.
Select a scene mode. Shoot on autopilot.
If you want, you can let the EVOLT E-510 do all the thinking for
you. Simply select the right mode for your shot. You’ll find more
scene and shooting modes than any other digital SLR camera. 
You’ll find 18 easy modes covering practically every common
shooting scenario, including Portrait, Fireworks, Sports, Landscape,
Sunset, Beach + Snow, Underwater and many more.
Five advanced programmed 
modes — Macro, Landscape,
Portrait, Night-scene Portrait 
and Action/Sports.
Comfort and convenience packed into a
portable design.
The second you pick up the E-510, you’ll notice how naturally it
fits in your hand. The body is ergonomically designed for superior
comfort. If you use a long lens, the camera feels balanced. It’s
lightweight and sleekly styled so it’s a pleasure to carry and use 
for hours at a time.
The Li-Ion rechargeable battery gives you about 500 pictures per
charge. The E-510 sips energy so batteries last. An empty battery
can be recharged again and again with the included charger.
There are two memory slots that hold Compact Flash Type 1/II,
Microdrive and xD picture cards. Use the dual-slot design to
transfer images you want to save from one card to another.
Manage your memories better.
The all-digital design of the E-510 makes it easy to keep your
camera current. Just plug it into your PC and download the latest
camera and accessory firmware updates.
The EVOLT E-510 comes with everything you need to get
started: a 14-42mm zoom lens, a rechargeable battery and
charger, a USB cable, video cable, shoulder strap, instruction
manual and OLYMPUS Master Software.
Olympus makes it easy to learn how to shoot like a pro. Take free
digital photo lessons at www.olympusdigitalschool.com. It’ll help
you get the very most out of your EVOLT E-510.