Leica Summarit-M 75mm f/2.5 11645 User Manual (en)

LEICA SUMMARIT-M 75 mm f/2.5
The LEICA SUMMARIT-M 1:2.5/75 mm is a new "short telephoto" lens that is significantly smaller and lighter than Summicron
lenses with the same focal length, but still offers the image quality that is the hallmark of Leica M lenses. Combined with the 35
mm Summarit-M, it makes up an ideal shooting outfit with a useful lens speed that opens up fascinating composition options for
Leica M photographers. The new 75 mm Summarit-M replaces the portrait focal lengths of 90 -100 mm for digital use. Its excep-
tionally compact design and performance bring a new level of flexibility to rangefinder photography.
Lens shape