Leica Apo-Telyt-M 135 mm f/3.4 11889 User Manual (en)

LEICA APO-TELYT-M 135 mm f/3.4
A telephoto lens without compromises, it offers outstand-ing imaging performance at full aperture that cannot be further improved
by stopping down. Minimal vignetting and the very slightest distortion are additional strengths. Even the finest details are rendered
clearly with rich contrast. It is the longest focal length in the Leica M system and it bridges considerable distances, thus judiciously
rounding out any serious outfit. It delivers impressive landscape photographs with a typical telephoto effect : the foreground and the
background are visibly compressed. Another benefit is the ability to make format-filling portraits from a discreet distance that the
subject will not consider as obtrusive. 
Lens shape