Olympus e-10 rs User Manual (fr, en, de, es)

Control panel indications
: Flash mode
: Red-eye reduction flash, 
: Off (flash override), 
: Fill-in flash (forced
activation), No indication: Auto flash
: Slow shutter synchronization flash
● Displayed when                 is set on the menu.
: Flash intensity control
● Displayed when        is set on the menu.
: Card writing
● Displayed when recorded pictures are being written to a card.
: Sound record
● Displayed when        is set on the menu.
: Card error
● When the power is turned on, the camera checks the card. If there is a problem with
the card, this indication appears. If the card functions properly, this indication does
not appear.
: Battery check
● Displayed when the power is turned on.
: Auto bracket
● To engage the Auto Bracket mode, press the             button repeatedly until this
indication appears.
: Macro mode
● Displayed when the        button is pressed to engage the Macro mode.
: Full-time AF
● Displayed when FULL-TIME AF is set.
: White balance
● Displayed when the White Balance is set to any mode except AUTO.