Olympus e-10 rs User Manual (fr, en, de, es)

● Displayed when the ISO is set to any mode except AUTO. When the ISO is increased
automatically in the AUTO mode, this indication blinks.
: Self-timer/Remote control
● Displayed when the Self-timer/remote control shooting is set. Press the 
button for this setting.
: Sequential shooting
● Displayed the Sequential shooting is set. Press the             button for this setting.
: Exposure compensation
● Displayed during exposure compensation.
: Pre-capture
● Displayed when Pre-capture is set.
: AF system
● Displayed when AF MODE is set. If SPOT is selected, this indication does not appear.
: Manual focus
● Displayed when the focus is adjusted manually.
: Stabilization system
● Displayed when         is set.
: Metering mode
● The mode you have set is displayed when you press         (metering mode button).
: AE memory
● Displayed when the memorized exposure (AE lock) is maintained after recording.
: Record mode
● Displayed when 
is set.
: Number of storable still pictures
● Displays the number of still pictures you can record.
: Card
● Displays the card type in use.
: Seconds remaining in Movie record mode
● Displays the longest recording time in the movie record mode.