Olympus e-10 rs User Manual (fr, en, de, es)

Exposure compensation  
You can adjust exposure manually by +/– 2 (in increments of approx. 1/3). If you want
a white object to appear as white as possible, adjust + to increase the exposure. If you
want a black object to appear as black as possible, adjust – to decrease the exposure.
AE Lock  
By pressing the AEL button, you can lock the exposure at the setting you prefer. This is
useful when you want to set an exposure that is different from what the camera would
normally choose.
Metering mode  
You can select the area of the brightness for metering. When you know the area is
properly exposed, press the 
to choose the metering mode.
Setting mode/Control panel display
Standard (digital ESP metering)
Meters the center of the subject 
and the area around the subject 
(digital ESP metering)
Meters the center of the subject 
averaging metering
Meters within the AF target mark 
Spot metering
primarily. Use this mode when 
backlight is making the subject darker.