Olympus e-10 rs User Manual (fr, en, de, es)

Selected images can be reserved in a card for printing on a printer or at a photo lab
that supports the DPOF (Digital Print Order Format) system.
●Print reserve cannot be performed for a picture displayed with 
●To perform print reserve for a sequential shot, you have to EXTEND beforehand, then
display the sequential shot you want to print.
Single-frame print reserve
. The Print reserve setting screen is displayed. Press 
on the Arrow pad
to select 
, then press the OK button. The print reserve selection screen is displayed.
Press the Arrow pad to select the picture you wish to print. Press the OK button. The
setting menu is displayed. Press 
to select 
x, then press  
to enter
the number. Press 
to select 
, then press 
to select DATE, TIME or NO.
to select 
TRIMMING, then press 
to select YES  or NO. Press
the OK button to complete the setting. Press 
. The screen exits the Print reserve
mode and returns to the playback mode.
All-frame print reserve
Allows you to store print data for all the pictures on the card, as well as allowing you to
choose how many prints you want.
Trimming print reserve
You can print an enlarged part of a recorded picture.
Resetting print reserve
This resets all the print reserve settings for images saved in a card.
. The Print order setting screen is displayed. If there are no pictures on the
card, this screen is not displayed. Press 
to select RESET, then press the OK
button. To keep the print order, select KEEP and press the OK button. 
●To remove the selected image only, select KEEP, then set the number of prints in
single- frame print reserve to 0.
●To perform print reserve for additional pictures, select KEEP. Print reserve can be
added to the print reserve data already stored on the card.
●This camera cannot be directly connected to printers.
●If a card contains DPOF reservations set by another device, entering reservations
using this camera may overwrite the previous reservations. Be sure to use this
camera for reservations.