Olympus e-10 rs User Manual (fr, en, de, es)

Storage environment
● To avoid damage or mis-operation of the camera, only store it where the temperature is
–20 ~ 60°C and the humidity 10 ~ 90%.
● Do not store in humid places, as condensation may form and cause damage.
● To prevent injuries or accidents, keep the camera out of the reach of children.
Usage environment
● Do not use where there may be a large concentration of flammable or explosive gases, as
it may cause a fire or explosion.
● To avoid damage or mis-operation of the camera, use it only if the temperature is 0 ~
40°C and the humidity 30 ~ 90%.
● Do not move the camera suddenly from a hot to cold place, or vice versa. It may cause
the formation of condensation inside the unit that may damage it. To prevent the
formation of condensation, put the camera in a plastic bag, etc. to protect it and wait
until the camera has reached the ambient temperature before taking it out.
● If used in low temperatures, the batteries will have a shorter life span than normal.
Precautions when handling the batteries
To prevent leakage, fire, or damage, please read the instructions carefully and observe the
following points:
● When you use the camera for a long time, the bottom of the camera heats up. If  your
skin is in contact with the bottom of the camera for too long, you may get a minor burn.
● Do not heat or throw the batteries into a fire.
● Do not disassemble, modify or solder.
● Do not install with inverted polarity (+, –).
● Do not let metal objects touch the contacts. Do not store or carry loosely with necklaces
or hairpins.
● Do not use old batteries together with new ones, and do not use different types of
batteries at the same time.
● Do not store them in humid places as they may corrode.
● Do not use if something seems to be wrong.
● Do not use if there is leaking, swelling, a rise in temperature, or any other abnormal
● When using them for the first time, if there are signs of corrosion or if they are warm,
please take them back to where they were bought.
● NEVER use any battery whose body is not fully covered by the insulating sheet or the
sheet is torn as it may cause leak, fire or injury. Some commercially available batteries
are also partially covered, or not covered at all by the insulating sheet. Never use these
If there is a leak
● If the liquid gets into your eyes, do not rub them. Rinse with clean water, then seek
medical attention immediately.
● If the liquid gets in contact with your skin or clothing, rinse with clean water.
● If the liquid has leaked inside the battery compartment, clean it carefully with a wet rag
before inserting new batteries.
When the batteries are dead, take them out of the camera
● If old batteries are left inside the camera they may leak. If the camera is going into
storage or if you intend not to use the camera for a long period of time, remove the