Olympus e-10 rs User Manual (fr, en, de, es)

Notes on display and backlight
●The Control panel and the fluorescent lamps used in the LCD monitor have a limited
service life. If they begin to darken or flicker, contact your nearest service center.
●In cold conditions, the display backlight may be slow to come on or may change
color suddenly. To avoid this,  keep the camera warm when using in cold
temperatures. Backlight performance will return to normal under normal temperature
●When the color LCD monitor shows different pictures, some pixels may not change
color and remain on or off. This phenomenon may be due to a lag in some circuits,
but is considered to be within the normal operating tolerances of the LCD monitor. In
addition, the brightness of the color LCD monitor may vary between pictures.
Do not use in an airtight device
● If may cause the batteries to leak and/or the camera to be damaged.
Do not recharge alkaline or lithium batteries
● If you try to recharge them, it may cause the batteries to leak and/or the camera to be
Keep out of the reach of children
● Make sure children do not take the batteries out when using the camera. If a child is
going to use the camera, be sure to teach the child proper usage according to this
● When disposing of old batteries, be sure to do so in accordance with all applicable
regulations in your area.
Precautions on using accessories
● Be sure to use only the supplied accessories, or accessories recommended by the
manufacturer, otherwise fire, electric shock or damage may result. For more information,
please consult the dealer where the unit was purchased.
● Do not keep the AC adaptor connected when not using the camera, otherwise fire,
electric shock or damage may result.
● To prevent electric shock and damage, do not plug, connect or handle the AC adaptor
with wet hands.
● Do not modify, bend forcibly, pull strongly, scratch, etc., or otherwise alter the AC
adaptor power cord. Also, do not put heavy objects on the power cord, or place it close
to a heat source as it may result in a fire or electric shock.
Points to verify before using the camera
● If taking particularly important pictures or if you have not used the camera for a long
period, first confirm that it functions properly, or consult an Authorized Service Centre.
● We decline all responsibility concerning the loss of data, down time, loss of revenue or
any other direct or indirect damage or claims caused by this camera.
Do not use or store in a hot place (e.g. inside a closed car on a hot and sunny
● If may shorten their service life. Store in a dry cool place protected from direct sunlight.