Olympus camedia c-2500l User Manual (en)

Olympus Camedia C-2500L
Before the C-2500L, no standalone digital camera in the world
produced results that could truly be considered on a par with those
produced by a film camera. But now - for the first time - the compact
Olympus C-2500L produces photographic results suitable for prints
8 x 10 inches and larger with true colors, true contrast and true
gradations. At a price that's almost too good to be true. This ability is
the result of exclusive TruePic technology that adds an entirely new
dimension to the process of translating pixels to images. Along with
other advances that include a superior CCD, an improved image
aspect ratio and a fast f.2.8 - f 3.9, all-glass, aspherical 3x zoom lens
that delivers crystal-clear images. All of which is exactly what you'd
expect from Olympus - world leader in film and filmless
photography.The C-2500L's advanced imaging capabilities are
housed in the industry's smallest and lightest all-in-one SLR filmless
camera - along with a host of advanced features that provide a true
photographic experience. In addition to the industry's most accurate
optical viewfinder and spot-metering system, it also offers full
manual controls for focus, shutter speed, aperture and white balance
with selectable ISO. It also has an intelligent, multi-mode flash
system and a hot shoe for the optional Olympus FL-40 or other flash
units. Creative shooting options include manual and automatic
exposure control, manual or automatic white balance and burst
shooting mode with 16 MB of RAM buffer for rapid shooting. The
threaded lens mount allows you to use accessory lenses and filters.
An infrared remote control and for the first time in a filmless camera -
dual card slots - accept both SmartMedia and CompactFlash media.
With one of the industry's most accurate viewfinders, what you see
is truly what you get with the C-2500L for the full range of its entire
36 - 110 mm equivalent zoom lens - and beyond. Whether it's a
super macro shot from as close as .8 inches or a 160 mm equivalent
telephoto image captured using the optional telephoto lens extender,
the view is always fantastic.
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