Casio EX-Z1200 User Manual (en)

Printing Precautions
• See the documentation that comes with your printer for 
information about print quality and paper settings.
• Contact the manufacturer of your printer to find out if it 
supports PictBridge or USB DIRECT-PRINT, for new printer 
versions, etc.
• Never disconnect cables or perform any camera or USB 
cradle operation while printing is in progress. Doing so can 
cause a printer error.
Take a memory card that contains the images you want to print 
to the professional print service. Before taking in a memory card, 
you can use the camera’s DPOF settings (page 224) to specify 
which images you want printed, the number of copies, and 
whether or not the images should include a date stamp.
If your printer is either of the types described below, you can use 
it to print without going through a computer.
– Printer equipped with a card slot for the type of memory 
card you are using
– Printer that support PictBridge or USB DIRECT-PRINT
Printing on a Printer with an Memory Card 
Remove a memory card from the camera and insert it directly 
into the printer’s memory card slot. Depending on what type of 
printer you are using, it also may be able to read the settings 
(images to be printed, number of copies, date stamping) you 
configure with the camera’s DPOF settings (page 224). For 
details, see the user documentation that comes with your printer.
Using Professional Print Service
Using Your Printer to Print Images