Casio EX-Z1200 User Manual (en)

The subject is out of focus in 
the recorded image.
The image may not be focused properly. When composing the image, make sure the subject is located 
inside the focus frame.
The flash does not fire.
1) If “
” (Flash Off) is selected as the flash mode, change to another mode (page 76).
2) If the battery is dead, charge it (page 37).
3) If a BEST SHOT scene that uses the “
” (Flash Off) flash mode is selected, change to a different 
flash mode (page 76) or select a different BEST SHOT scene (page 108).
Camera powers down during 
self-timer countdown.
The battery may be dead. Charge the battery (page 37).
The monitor screen image is 
out of focus.
1) You may be using Manual Focus and have not focused the image. Focus the image (page 135).
2) You may be using the macro mode 
 for scenery or portraits. Use Auto Focus for scenery and 
portrait shots (page 128).
3) You may be trying to use Auto Focus or the Infinity mode 
 when shooting a close-up shot. Use the 
Macro mode for close ups (page 129).
There is a vertical line on the 
monitor screen.
Shooting a very brightly lit subject can cause a vertical band to appear in the monitor screen image. This is 
a CCD phenomenon known as “vertical smear”, and does not indicate malfunction of the camera. Note that 
vertical smear is not recorded with the image in the case of a snapshot, but it is recorded in the case of a 
There is digital noise in 
1) Sensitivity may have been increased automatically for a dark subject, which increases the chance of 
digital noise. Use a light or some other means to illuminate the subject.
2) You may be attempting to shoot in a dark location while “
” (Flash Off) is selected as the flash mode, 
which can increase digital noise and make images appear coarse. In this case, change to a different 
flash mode (page 76) or use lights for illumination.
3) Flash assist or dynamic range may be enabled for snapshots, which can cause an increase in digital 
noise. Use a light or some other means to illuminate the subject.
Possible Causes and Action