Casio EX-Z1200 User Manual (en)

An image I shot was not 
1) Camera power may have been turned off before the save operation was complete, which will result in 
the image not being saved. When the battery indicator shows “
”, charge the battery as soon as 
possible (page 37).
2) You may have removed the memory card from the camera before the save operation was complete, 
which will result in the image not being saved. Do not remove the memory card before the save 
operation is complete.
Though available lighting is 
bright, the faces of people in 
the image are dark.
Not enough light is reaching the subjects. Change the flash mode setting to “
” (Flash On) for daylight 
synchro flash (page 76), or use adjust EV shift to the + side (page 141).
Subjects are too bright when 
shooting images in a 
seashore or ski area.
Sunlight reflected by water, sand, or snow, can cause underexposure of images. Change the flash mode 
setting to “
” (Flash On) for daylight synchro flash (page 76), or use adjust EV shift to the + side (page 
Digital zoom does not work. 
The zoom bar indicates zoom 
only up to a zoom factor of 
1) The digital zoom setting may be turned off. Turn on digital zoom (page 75).
2) Time stamping may be turned on, which will cause digital zoom to be disabled. Turn off time stamping 
(page 151).
Recognition of a family 
member’s face is not 
recognized correctly, even 
though the face has been 
Though face characteristics were recorded for your family member, the data may have been faulty, or the 
angle to the face or its expression may be making recognition difficult. Re-record the face of the family 
member who is not being recognized (page 95). 
The image is out of focus 
during movie recording.
1) Focusing is not possible because the subject is outside the focus range. Shoot within the allowable 
2) The lens may be dirty. Clean the lens (page 35).
During movie recording, the 
REC light keeps going out 
and the monitor screen keeps 
going dim suddenly.
The camera is designed to turn off the REC light and decrease the brightness level of the monitor screen 
automatically whenever its temperature exceeds a preset level during movie recording. If you keep 
recording under these conditions, “ALERT” will appear on the monitor screen and movie recording will stop 
automatically. If this happens, turn off the camera and wait until it cools down before trying to use it again.
Possible Causes and Action