Casio EX-Z1200 User Manual (en)

Continuous Shutter Precautions
• Starting a continuous shutter operation causes the exposure 
and focus settings to be fixed at the levels for the first image. 
The same settings are applied to all subsequent images.
• Continuous shutter cannot be used in combination with any of 
the following features.
– Face recognition
– Some BEST SHOT scenes (Layout, Auto Framing, 
Business Cards and Documents, Whiteboard, etc., Old 
Photo, ID Photo)
– Movie mode, MOVIE BEST SHOT mode, Voice Recording 
– “
 Tracking” selected as the Auto Focus area (page 
• When using a continuous shutter mode, keep the camera still 
until all recording is finished.
• A continuous shutter operation may stop part way through if 
memory capacity runs low.
• The continuous shutter rate depends on the current image 
size and image quality settings.
• You can select the flash mode you want with normal-speed 
continuous shutter mode.
• With high-speed continuous shutter, the flash mode 
automatically becomes “
” (flash off).
• With the flash continuous shutter mode, the flash mode 
automatically becomes “
” (flash on).
• You cannot use the self-timer in combination with the normal-
speed continuous shutter mode or high-speed continuous 
shutter mode.
• Note that the resolution of images recorded with the high-
speed continuous shutter mode or flash continuous shutter 
mode is somewhat lower resolution and more prone to digital 
noise than images recorded with the normal-speed 
continuous shutter mode.
• “Auto” ISO sensitivity always is used for the high-speed 
continuous shutter mode or flash continuous shutter mode, 
regardless of the current ISO sensitivity setting.
• With the flash continuous shutter mode, the flash range is 
narrower than normal.