Konica Minolta RD 3000 User Manual (en)

• With photography in the A mode, image quality may be degraded at shutter speeds
slower than 1/2 second.
• To end photography in the A mode, repeat the operation described on the previous
page to display P on the data panel, or press the Program-reset button.
• Changing the aperture value does not change the value in the viewfinder, however
the effects of the change are reflected on the CCD and in the saved images.
• See page 81 for use of the flash in the A mode.
Turn the front dial to select the
• In the viewfinder, only the plane on
which the camera is focused will
appear sharp. The photographed
image will have a depth-of-field
corresponding to the aperture used.
• While the aperture range differs with
the lens selected, the maximum
aperture is F6.7, and the minimum
aperture is F22.
• If 2000 or 2˝ (2 seconds) blinks, the
required setting is beyond the
camera’s shutter speed range, and
the image will be either under or over-
exposed. Change the aperture value
until the blinking stops.