Konica Minolta RD 3000 User Manual (en)

A flat, lifeless photograph may result when
the flash is attached to the camera. In such
cases, remove the flash from the camera
and reposition it to provide shadows to pro-
vide a three-dimensional feel to the photo-
graph (see Photo 2).
Photo 3 was taken using two programm flash
units distant from the camera and providing
flash illumination in a ratio of 2:1. This has
resulted in gentle transitions from light to
dark, with natural shadows.
The camera and flash must normally be con-
nected by cable in such cases. This camera
permits transmission of signals to flash units
using light from the flash rather than cables.
The camera automatically determines the
optimum exposure.
The separately available 5400HS or 5400xi programm flash units are necessary for
Wireless/Remote off-camera flash photography.
Photo 1
Normal Flash
Photo 2
Wireless/Remote Flash
Photo 3
Wireless/Remote Ratio Flash