Fujifilm finepix 16233439 User Manual (en)

More on Photography
Shooting Mode
Follow an on-screen guide to take photos that will auto-
matically be joined to form a panorama. The camera zooms 
all the way out and remains fi xed at the widest angle until 
shooting is complete.
 To select the angle through which you will pan the 
camera while shooting, press the selector down. Press the selector left or 
right to highlight an angle and press MENU/OK.
 Press the selector right to view a choice of pan directions. Press the selec-
tor left or right to highlight a pan direction and press MENU/OK.
 Press the shutter button all the way down to start recording. There is no 
need to keep the shutter button pressed during recording.
 Pan the camera in the direction shown by the arrow. 
Shooting ends automatically when the progress bar is 
full and the panorama is complete.
R Shooting ends if the shutter button is pressed all the way 
down during shooting. No panorama will be recorded if 
the shutter button is pressed before the camera has been 
panned through 120 °.
Progress bar