Fujifilm FinePix Z35 User Manual (en)

J Using the Self-Timer
The camera off ers a ten-second timer that 
allows photographers to appear in their own 
photographs, and a two-second timer that can 
be used to avoid blur caused by the camera 
moving when the shutter button is pressed.
 Set the timer.
The current self-timer mode is displayed in 
the monitor.  To choose a diff erent setting, 
press the selector down (
J).  The selection 
changes each time the selector is pressed.
The current self-timer 
mode is displayed in the 
: The picture is taken 
after 10 seconds.
: The picture is taken 
after 2 seconds.
Press the shutter button halfway 
to focus.
Stand behind the camera when using the 
shutter button.  Standing in front of the lens can 
interfere with focus and exposure.
  Start the timer.
Press the shutter button the rest 
of the way down to start the 
timer.  The display in 
the monitor shows 
the number of 
seconds remaining 
until the shutter is 
released.  To stop 
the timer before the 
picture is taken, press DISP/BACK.