Konica Minolta DiMAGE X User Manual (en)

Focus lock
The focus-lock function is used when you want to compose the image with the subject off-center and
outside the focus frame. Focus lock may also be used when a special focusing situation prevents the
camera from focusing on the subject. This function is controlled with the shutter-release button.
Place the subject within the monitor focus frame or center the
subject in the viewfinder. Press and hold the shutter-release
button partway down to lock the focus. 
• The focus signal on the monitor and the
viewfinder indicator lamp will indicate if the
focus is locked. 
Without lifting your finger from the shutter-release button,
recompose the subject within the image area. Press the shutter-
release button all the way down to take the picture.
Focus range
The focus range is 25cm (0.8ft.) to infinity. Both the LCD monitor and viewfinder can be used to
frame the subject. However, because of parallax, only the monitor’s live image will be accurate with
subjects closer than 1m (3ft.) at the zoom lens’ wide-angle position or 3m (10ft) at the telephoto posi-