Konica Minolta DiMAGE X User Manual (en)

Single, multiple, or all image or audio files on the memory card can be deleted with the
playback-mode menu. Before a file is deleted, a confirmation screen will appear;
choosing “Yes” will execute the operation, “No” will cancel the operation. 
The delete option has three settings:
This frame - The image or recording displayed or highlighted in playback mode will be deleted. 
All frames - All unlocked files on the memory card will be deleted. 
Marked frames - To delete multiple image or audio files. When this setting is chosen, the frame-
selection screen will be displayed. Use the left and right keys to highlight the first file to be deleted.
Pressing the zoom lever up will mark the frame with the garbage-can icon. To deselect a file for
deletion, highlight it with the yellow border and press the zoom lever down; the garbage-can icon will
disappear. Continue until all the files to be deleted are marked. Press the enter button to continue (a
confirmation screen will appear), or press the menu button to cancel the operation and return to the
playback menu. On the confirmation screen, highlighting and entering “Yes” will delete the marked
The delete function will only erase unlocked image or audio files. If a file is locked, it must be
unlocked before it can be deleted. If an image file has a voice memo or audio caption attached, both
the image and audio file will be deleted.
Deleting image and audio files
Deleting permanently erases the image or audio file. Once deleted, a file
cannot be recovered. Care should be taken when deleting files.