Pentax K20D Operating Guide (et)

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rakendamiseks klikkige [OK].
[Custom Setting] dialoog on jagatud viieks leheks tähistega [Page 1], [Page 2], 
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Page 1
Program line, EV Steps, Sensitivity Steps, ISO warning*, Expand 
sensitivity**, Meter operating time, AE-L with AF locked, Link AF Point 
and AE, One-Push Bracketing**
Page 2
Auto Bracketing order, Auto EV Compensation, WB when using flash, 
Fine tune when AWB*, WB Light Source Fine-Tune**, AF Button Function, 
AF by Press Halfway, Superimpose AF area, AF in remote control
Page 3
Slow Shutter Speed NR, High-ISO Noise Reduction**, Color space, 
Color Temperature steps, e-dial in Program, e-dial in K mode, e-dial 
in b mode, e-dial in c mode, e-dial in L & a**
Page 4
e-dial in p & M**, Green Button in L & a, One-touch RAW+JPEG*, 
Illuminate LCD panel, Release when charging, Flash in wireless mode, 
Preview Method, Recordable Image No.*, Display Sensitivity**
Page 5
Initial zoom display*, Auto Image Rotation, Saving rotation info, 
Catch-in focus**, Using aperture ring
• Ühe tärniga (*) üksused on u kaamera puhul mitteaktiivsed. 
Kahe tärniga (**) üksused on kasutatavad ainult u kaameraga.
• Täiendava info saamiseks tutvuge kaamera kasutusjuhendiga.
• Erinevate üksuste seadistamisvalikud võivad erinevate PENTAX 
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