Pentax K110D Connection Guide (en)

You can set whether to show or hide the Tool bar and Image data pane in 
the Main image view window.
Select [Tool Bar] or [Image Data] from the [View] menu in 
the Main image view window and uncheck the item.
The Tool bar or Image data pane is hidden.
You can change the image view magnification of the image appearing in 
the image view area.
Select [Fit to Window], [Enlarge], [Reduce] or [Life size] from 
the [View] menu in the Main image view window.
Alternatively, click the 
 icon on the Tool bar.
The image view magnification can be adjusted from 1/16 to 4 times.
Hiding the Tool Bar and Image Data Pane
To display the Tool bar or Image data pane, select [Tool Bar] or [Image Data] 
from the [View] menu in the Main image view window and check the item.
Changing the View Magnification