Pentax K110D Connection Guide (en)

You can save the image files which have been Full Auto processed or 
Custom processed. Specify the save format and image size when saving 
image files. Save images in JPEG format with one of five different 
compression rates, or in TIFF-8 or TIFF-16 format.
As the compression rate increases, the file size decreases, but the quality 
also deteriorates.
Select [Save Mode] from the [Tool] menu, or click   on the 
right of the 
 icon to select the save format.
Select the quality and file format when saving RAW files.
For JPEG files, image data is compressed and saved. Select from 
Highest Compression, High Compression, Medium Quality, High Quality, 
and Highest Quality. Select High or Highest Compression to make the 
file size smaller by lowering quality. Select High or Highest Quality to 
maintain high quality by keeping the file size large.
Select TIFF-8 or TIFF-16 to avoid quality loss due to compression. 
Although selecting TIFF-16 leads to a larger file size, quality loss is 
minimized when modifying the file with other image editing software.
Saving Image Files