Pentax smc DA 18-250mm f/3.5-6.3 Operating Guide (en)

Using the Quick-Shift Focus System (
-series cameras only)
If you use the lens with an 
-series camera and the focus mode is set to autofocus,
you can focus manually after autofocus is achieved. Just turn the focusing ring to manually
touch-up the focus. You can do this without changing the focus mode to MF.
How to use the Quick-Shift Focus System
1. Using Autofocus
Set the camera’s focus mode switch to autofocus, then press the shutter button halfway
to autofocus.
With the
camera, you can also press the AF button to focus.
With the
camera set as explained by “Focusing with the OK
Button” on page 9, you can focus by pressing the OK button.
2. Hold down the shutter button halfway (or hold down the AF button or OK
button), then turn the focusing ring to focus.
3. Finally, press the shutter release button fully to take a picture.
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