Pentax smc DA 18-250mm f/3.5-6.3 Operating Guide (en)

1. Storage and mildew prevention
• Take the lens out of the protective case or camera bag, and store it in a dry, well-ventilated place.
• Avoid storing the lens in a poorly ventilated location such as a closet, wardrobe, drawer, vehicle, or
where insect repellent or medicine is kept.
• Avoid storing the lens in areas of high temperature and humidity, where there is a risk of mildew growth.
Store the lens with a desiccant in a dry cabinet, airtight container, or plastic bag. (Leaving a saturated
desiccant in the storage container can cause damage to the lens. Be sure to read the instructions that
come with the desiccant before use.)
2. The lens is not waterproof. When using the lens in a rain or mist, be careful not to allow it to get wet.
3. Never use any organic solvent such as thinner, alcohol, or benzine, etc. to remove dust on the lens.
4. The lens is a precise optical instrument. Be careful not to let it fall, or subject it to strong shocks or
pressure. Use a cushion or similar pad to protect the lens from the vibrations of motorcycles or other
vehicles, boats, etc.
5. Avoid subjecting the lens to rapid changes in temperature, otherwise condensation can occur on both
the inside and the outside of the lens. Put the lens in a plastic bag or camera bag, and take it out after
the lens has reached ambient temperature.
6. When the lens is not attached to the camera body, attach both the supplied lens cap and lens mount
cap to protect it from dust.
7. Do not leave the camera with the lens cap off attached to a tripod or other rigid camera support. The
inner parts of the camera can be damaged by direct sunlight.
8. Have the lens inspected by a dealer every one or two years to maintain its high performance.
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