Canon PowerShot SX60 HS Owner's Manual (en)

Before Use
Basic Guide
Advanced Guide
Camera Basics
Auto Mode /
Hybrid Auto Mode
Other Shooting Modes
Tv, Av, M, C1, and C2 Mode
Playback Mode
Wi-Fi Functions
Setting Menu
P Mode
Checking and Editing Registered Information
Access the [Check/Edit Info] screen.
Following step 2 in “Registering Face ID 
Information” (
Edit Info] and press the [
] button.
Choose a person to check or edit.
Press the [
][ ][ ] buttons to choose 
the person to check or edit, and then 
press the [
] button.
Check or edit the information as 
To check a name or birthday, choose 
[Edit Profile] by pressing the [ ][ ] 
buttons, and then press the [
] button. 
On the screen displayed, you can edit 
names or birthdays as described in step 4 
of “Registering Face ID Information” 
To check face information, press the 
] buttons to choose [Face Info 
List], and then press the [
] button. To 
erase face information, press the [
button on the screen displayed, press the 
][ ][ ] buttons to choose the face 
information to erase, and then press the 
] button. After [Erase?] is displayed, 
press the [ ][ ] buttons to choose [OK], 
and then press the [
] button.
People other than those registered may be mistakenly detected 
as the registered person if they share similar facial features.
Registered people may not be correctly detected if the captured 
image or scene differs drastically from the registered face 
If a registered face is not detected, or not easily detected, 
overwrite registered information with new face info. Registering 
face info right before shooting will allow for easier detection of 
registered faces.
If a person is mistakenly detected as another person and you 
continue shooting, you can edit or erase the name recorded in the 
image during playback (
Because faces of babies and children change quickly as they 
grow, you should update their face info regularly (
When information display is set to off (
display, but will be recorded in the image.
Names will still be recorded in images even if you clear the 
[Shooting Info] check box in [Custom Display] (
] tab so that the names are not displayed.
If you don’t want names to be recorded in still images, choose 
[Face ID Settings] on the [
] tab, choose [Face ID], and then 
choose [Off].
You can check names recorded in images in the playback screen 
(simple information display) (
In [
] mode, names are not displayed on the shooting screen, 
but they will be recorded in still images.
continue to be recorded in the same position as for the first shot, 
even if subjects move.