Canon PowerShot SX60 HS Owner's Manual (en)

Before Use
Basic Guide
Advanced Guide
Camera Basics
Auto Mode /
Hybrid Auto Mode
Other Shooting Modes
Tv, Av, M, C1, and C2 Mode
Playback Mode
Wi-Fi Functions
Setting Menu
P Mode
Magnifying the Area in Focus
 Still Images 
You can check the focus by pressing the shutter button halfway, which will 
enlarge the portion of the image in focus in the AF frame.
Configure the setting.
Press the [
] button, choose [AF-
Point Zoom] on the [
] tab, and then 
choose [On] (
Check the focus.
Press the shutter button halfway. The 
face detected as the main subject is now 
To restore the original setting, choose 
[Off] in step 1.
The area in focus is not magnified in the following cases when the 
shutter button is pressed halfway.
If a face was not detected, if the person is too close to the 
camera and their face is too large for the screen, or if the 
camera detects subject movement
When digital zoom is used (
When Tracking AF is used (
When a TV is used as a display (
Not available in [
] mode.
Helpful Shooting Features
Using the Electronic Level
 Still Images 
An electronic level can be displayed on the screen when shooting as a 
guideline to determine if the camera is level.
Display the electronic level.
Press the [
] button several times to 
display the electronic level.
Level the camera as needed.
Level the camera so that the center of the 
electronic level is green.
If the electronic level is not displayed in step 1, press the 
] button, and on the [
] tab, choose [Custom Display]. 
Add a [
] to [
] or [
] to choose the electronic level.
Tilting the camera too far forward or backward will prevent you 
from using the electronic level, which will turn gray.
The electronic level is not displayed during movie recording.
If you hold the camera vertically, the orientation of the electronic 
level will be updated automatically to match the camera orientation.
If your shots are not level even if you use the electronic level, try 
calibrating the electronic level (