Canon PowerShot SX60 HS Owner's Manual (en)

Before Use
Basic Guide
Advanced Guide
Camera Basics
Auto Mode /
Hybrid Auto Mode
Other Shooting Modes
Tv, Av, M, C1, and C2 Mode
Playback Mode
Wi-Fi Functions
Setting Menu
P Mode
Using the Face Self-Timer
 Still Images 
The camera will shoot about two seconds after detecting that the face of 
another person (such as the photographer) has entered the shooting area 
= 83). This is useful when including yourself in group photos or similar 
Choose [ ].
Follow steps 1 – 2 in “Specific Scenes” 
= 59) and choose [ ], and then 
press the [
] button.
Press the [ ][ ] buttons to choose [
and then press the [
] button.
Compose the shot and press the 
shutter button halfway.
Make sure a green frame is displayed 
around the face you focus on and white 
frames around other faces.
Press the shutter button all the way 
The camera now enters shooting standby 
mode, and [Look straight at camera to 
start count down] is displayed.
The lamp blinks and the self-timer sound 
is played.
Join the subjects in the shooting 
area and look at the camera.
After the camera detects a new face, the 
lamp blinking and self-timer sound will 
speed up. (When the flash fires, the lamp 
will remain lit.) About two seconds later, 
the camera will shoot.
To cancel shooting after you have 
triggered the self-timer, press the 
] button.
Face the camera and wink.
The camera will shoot about two seconds 
after detecting a wink by the person 
whose face is inside the frame.
To cancel shooting after you have 
triggered the self-timer, press the 
] button.
If the wink is not detected, wink again slowly and deliberately.
Winking may not be detected if eyes are obscured by hair, a hat, 
or glasses.
Closing and opening both eyes at once will also be detected as 
a wink.
If winking is not detected, the camera will shoot about 15 seconds 
To change the number of shots, press the [
] buttons 
after choosing [
available for the final shot.
If no one is in the shooting area when the shutter button is 
pressed all the way down, the camera will shoot after a person 
enters the shooting area and winks.
The zoom factor cannot be changed with the [
] button after you 
press the shutter button all the way down.