Canon A3300 IS 5033B012 User Manual (en)

Scene Detection
Scene Detection can detect up to 32 different 
scenes and helps you to easily capture each 
moment as you saw it – from the golden 
sunsets of your summer 
holiday to your favourite band 
performing on a spot lit stage.
Face Detection
Face Detection quickly and accurately  
detects faces in a scene and then optimises 
camera settings so that everyone looks their 
best. With the ability to detect up to 35 faces 
in a frame, it’s great for group photos as well 
as portraits. Blink Detection provides a 
warning whenever faces are captured  
with their eyes closed.
Advanced Subject Detection
Advanced Subject Detection can 
automatically detect a moving subject,  
such as a vehicle or a pet, and tracks it - 
ensuring it remains in focus and  
well-exposed until the picture is taken.
Smart Auto Technology
Not all features are available on all cameras, please refer to Page 15.