Canon A3300 IS 5033B012 User Manual (en)

Multi-area White Balance
Multi-area White Balance (WB) detects 
when a scene is lit with multiple types of 
light and corrects each type separately to 
give more true to life colours. 
For example when adding the 
flash to capture a portrait shot 
inside a tungsten lamp-
illuminated room, it will apply 
flash WB on the area lit by the 
flash and tungsten WB on the 
area lit with tungsten lamps. 
Smart Flash Exposure 
Smart Flash Exposure intelligently controls 
flash output and usage, for natural-looking 
results in a variety of conditions.  
For example it may use flash 
to eliminate shadows on a 
subject’s face when in bright 
conditions, or reduce flash 
power to avoid overexposing 
subjects in short distance.
Tracking AF, Servo AF/AE 
With Tracking AF you can easily select and 
track moving objects while Servo AF/AE 
allows you to keep tracking selected faces or 
objects continuously for optimal focus and 
exposure right up to the moment of capture.
Smart Auto is the ultimate automatic shooting mode. It uses multiple intelligent technologies to allow  
everyone to easily obtain the best result by simply pointing the camera at a subject and pressing the shutter 
button. Its superior intelligence helps you capture everything, from multiple faces and moving objects to high 
contrast backlit subjects and dark nightscapes, with stunning sharpness, detail and colour. Whether you need  
to capture a fleeting photographic moment or to take holiday pictures without hassle, Smart Auto will always  
help you to impress everyone with your results.