Canon A3300 IS 5033B012 User Manual (en)

Record life as a movie in stunning high definition detail. 
Most cameras include 720p HD Movie shooting or go for 
one of our top-range models offering Full HD (1080p) 
capture with stereo sound for stunning clarity and sound. 
Not all features are available on all cameras, please refer to Page 15.
Use a standard HDMI cable to connect your 
camera with an HDTV and enjoy your photos 
and movies in perfect clarity and crystal clear 
sound. Many cameras also support 
Consumer Electronics Control (CEC), 
allowing you to comfortably control movie 
and image playback using the remote of 
your HDMI CEC-compatible TV. 
Zoom in on your subjects with ease and let 
Dynamic IS reduce movement and shake.  
Give your movies a professional, refreshing 
touch by using the optical zoom whilst 
recording or shoot in iFrame format for easy 
sharing. Playback is also easy thanks to the 
HDMI port which makes it easy to view 
photos and videos from the camera on  
an HDTV with no loss of quality.