Canon A3300 IS 5033B012 User Manual (en)

The Apple iFrame
 video format is a 720p, computer-friendly video format 
designed to dramatically simplify the process of transferring, editing and 
playing back video recorded with your camera. With iFrame, the video in 
your camera is in the same format in which you’ll edit, allowing you to start 
editing and sharing your movies right away across multiple platforms and 
devices. Because it’s based on standard technologies such as H.264, AAC, 
MP4 and QuickTime, iFrame can be used with PC and Mac applications. 
* The iFrame logo and the iFrame symbol are trademarks of Apple Inc.
Movie Record Button
A movie record button featured on many cameras gives you 
instant access to movie capture at the touch of a button.  
Super Slow Motion Movie
Slow down fast-paced action like sports or add a spectacular effect to a waterfall with Super 
Slow Motion Movie. Movies can be recorded in two settings: 240fps in QVGA quality and 
120fps in VGA quality.
Smart Auto in Movie
Smart Auto in Movie builds on the 
technology of Smart Auto to bring  
you effortlessly great results in your 
movies. Using Scene Detection 
technology it constantly evaluates 
the shooting scene by analysing 
multiple image elements and then 
selects the most appropriate settings 
for up to 21 different situations.