Canon A3300 IS 5033B012 User Manual (en)

Bring your memories to life
With a SELPHY Compact Photo Printer you  
can produce lab-quality long-lasting prints  
in seconds from any digital photo as well as  
have fun with a range of creative effects,  
frames, layouts and print sizes.
Easy enough for everyone to use, a SELPHY  
is a high quality, convenient and cost-effective  
way to bring your memories to life.
Cameras to treasure
With sleek, tactile designs made from the best 
materials, every IXUS fuses technology and style giving 
you satisfaction with every shot.
Unique IXUS styling houses the latest in imaging 
advances – from innovative compact high zooms to 
the powerful HS System for excellent performance in 
low-light. Included in each model are intelligent 
technologies that work behind the scenes to guide you 
to great photos every time you press the button.