Canon A3300 IS 5033B012 User Manual (en)

The PowerShot G and S series are designed  
to meet the demands of serious enthusiasts 
and offer HS System-powered performance, 
Full Manual Control as well as a host of 
intelligent auto features plus RAW capture, 
High Dynamic Range mode and Hybrid IS.  
For flexibility with accessories, a vari-angle LCD 
and an optical viewfinder, the G series has a 
professional feel and capacity to handle the 
most demanding of shots. The S series compact 
high performers offer stunning f/2.0 lenses 
that work brilliantly in low-light.
Ranging from the powerful 35x optical  
zoom of the flagship PowerShot SX40 HS,  
to super compact long zooms packed with 
features including HS System, GPS, Full HD 
movies and Full Manual Control, the 
PowerShot SX series delivers stunning results 
with no compromises. This dynamic family  
of capable cameras can be conveniently 
adjusted to suit all levels of photographic 
expertise while providing multiple features  
for unlimited creativity.
SX Series
G & S Series