Canon A3300 IS 5033B012 User Manual (en)

Key features
Easy and slim 14.1  
Megapixel camera
28mm wide-angle, 4x optical 
zoom Canon lens
6.8cm (2.7”) LCD with Hints & Tips 
for easy shooting and playback
Smart Auto and Easy modes can  
detect 32 scenes so you can  
simply point and shoot 
HD Movies (720p)
Blur Reduction Mode and Motion 
Detection Technology keep images 
sharp and clear
Live View Control for easy manual 
adjustments while shooting
Miniature Effect movie and  
6 Creative Filters including  
Fish-eye and Toy Camera Effect
With a slim and lightweight design,  
the PowerShot A2200 can always be with you.  
Thanks to the intelligent Smart Auto and Easy  
modes, great pictures are just a click away. 
every time
Smart shutter is a great way 
to trigger a shot without a 
remote or asking someone 
else. Smile mode shoots 
when a smiling face is 
detected. Wink Self-Timer 
shoots 2 seconds after 
winking at the camera and, 
FaceSelf-Timer counts the 
faces in the scene and then 
takes the shot 2 seconds 
after a new face enters  
the frame.