Canon A3300 IS 5033B012 User Manual (en)

An external flash can add a new dimension  
to your pictures. Use a High Power Flash 
(HF-DC1/HF-DC2) or a Canon Speedlite as 
your main flash to give extra light to your 
shots, or use it as a slave unit for more creative 
shooting such as lighting more than one part 
of a scene and from a different direction.
Filters give you the ability to enhance your 
photos and to be more creative. The lens 
filter adapters allow the attachment of 
various filters such as polarizers, which  
can help enrich the colour of a blue sky or 
minimize reflections from shiny surfaces. 
Canon waterproof cases and weights offer 
protection to depths down to 40 metres, 
opening up the world of underwater 
photography. They provide easy access  
to many photographic controls and can also  
be useful on land, protecting against snow, 
sand, dust and humidity. 
Alternatively, the WP-DC310L (IXUS 115 HS) 
and WP-DC320L (IXUS 220 HS) offer more 
compact and affordable protection for depths 
down to 3 metres. They are perfect for 
snorkeling and other outdoor activities while 
providing access to important functions 
such as White Balance adjustment and 
Exposure Compensation for adapting the 
camera to different aquatic environments.
Canon has a great range of accessories for its award-winning digital 
compact cameras. From lens filter adapters to Speedlite flashes, waterproof 
and premium leather cases to teleconverters, Canon’s range of top quality 
accessories will protect your camera and enhance your photography.
Enhance and expand  
your creativity
Speedlite 320EX
Filter Adapter  
Protect Filter 
Lens Accessories
WP-DC43 for 
PowerShot S100
WP-DC41 for 
WP-DC310L for 
Waterproof Cases