Canon A3300 IS 5033B012 User Manual (en)

Print Method
Dye-sublimation thermal transfer
Ink / Paper Cartridge
Separate Ink Cartridge and Paper 
Print Speed
 Postcard size: approx. 47 sec 
Print Sizes
Postcard (148 x 100mm)
L (119 x 89mm) 
Credit Card (86 x 54mm)
Credit Card Stickers (86 x 54mm) 
Mini-Stickers (22.0 x 17.3mm)
Credit Card 
Credit Card Stickers 
Mini Stickers (x8 stickers on one sheet) 
Creative Printing Modes
Shuffle Layout
ID Photo Printing
Yes (3 Sizes on one sheet) 
Print Longevity
100 Years Print 
Print Direct from a PictBridge Device
Print Direct from a Memory Card
Print Direct from a Camera Phone
Yes, with optional Bluetooth® Unit BU-30 
Print Direct from a Computer
Yes, requires standard USB cable
Print Direct from USB Flash Memory
LCD Monitor
6.2cm (2.5") Colour TFT with tilt mechanism
Software Supplied
SELPHY Photo Print
AC Power Supply
External, supplied
Battery Pack
CP Printer Carrying Case DCC-CP2 
L size Paper Cassette [PCL-CP300] 
Card Size Paper Cassette [PCC-CP30 0] 
Battery Pack NB-CP2L
BU-30 Bluetooth Unit 
177.0 x 134.6 x 68.8mm (printer only without protrusions)
940g (Excluding Ink Cartridge and Paper Cassette )
All data is based on Canon’s standard testing methods.  
Subject to change without notice.
(1)  Print speed can vary dependent on data size, print 
method, memory card and capacity and is measured 
from start of printing excluding paper handling
(2) Requires optional paper cassette 
(3) See full specifications for details 
(4)  To test the image permanence of prints that are 
stored in an album, we use an accelerated testing 
method similar to how the image permanence 
of silver-halide photo papers are measured when 
stored in dark places. Print samples are printed 
with the optical density of 1.0 (each Bk, C, M,Y). 
The samples are kept in a certain environment of 
high temperature and 50% humidity. The rate of the 
decrease in the optical density and rate of yellow 
discoloration are recorded. The recorded results 
are then converted to the length of time when print 
image is kept in an environment of 23°C / 50% 
humidity. <Criteria for estimation of print longevity> 
‘The point where monochromatic / reflective optical 
density shows loss of 30% (starting density of 1.0).
(5)  Mobile phones and PDA’s must be Bluetooth 
enabled and support Bluetooth version 1.1 or above 
Photo printing only - pictures must be in the JPEG 
format. Bluetooth operation depends on the device 
and software version used
(6)  Irregularly sized images, or images that have been 
edited on a computer may not display or print. USB 
Devices that are not identified as “Removable media” 
(such as external hard drives) or do not use the FAT or 
exFAT file system or have GUID partition tables created 
on a Macintosh computer are not supported. 
Ink & Paper Sets 
For use with SELPHY CP series
Ink Paper Set 
Postcard Size
(36 sheets)
Ink Paper Set 
Postcard Size
(72 or 108 sheets)
Ink Paper Set
L Size 
(36 sheets)
Ink Paper Set 
Credit Card 
(36 sheets)
Ink Paper Set 
Credit Card Size 
(18 sheets)
Ink Paper Set 
Mini Stickers
(18 sheets)
Canon is dedicated to providing you with many different ways 
to share your memories. From Mini stickers to Credit Card 
size media to Postcard packs, there’s a solution for everyone.
Keep your SELPHY
Postcard Print
ID Photo