Canon A3300 IS 5033B012 User Manual (en)

HS System
Shoot blur-free images in low light without a tripod 
Shooting night scenes without resting the camera on a stable object can give blurred results.  
Because of the low-light abilities of HS System, you can shoot handheld with less blur.
Shoot without flash to capture the true atmosphere 
Flash is often necessary to prevent blur in low light shots but it can ruin the atmosphere of a photo,  
resulting in pale faces and unnatural colours. Also, it can be hard for you to see the location as the background  
is too dark. HS System cameras allow you to shoot without flash, capturing the scene exactly as you remember it.
Using flash can make the background too dark
Blurred night scene without HS System
Real ambiance captured with Canon camera with  
HS System (Auto Flash – Flash did not fire)
HS System can shoot without flash to capture  
the true atmosphere
Sharp night scene with HS System
Camera without HS System (Auto Flash – flash fired)