Canon A3300 IS 5033B012 User Manual (en)

Bye Bye to Blur
When shooting with the zoom extended or 
in dark conditions, camera shake is likely 
– increasing the possibility of blur. 
Recognising this, Canon developed the 
optical Image Stabilizer (IS), which uses 
minute vibration gyros to detect camera 
movement. Elements in the lens are then 
moved to counter camera shake allowing 
the camera to capture an image with 
drastically reduced blur.
The optical Image Stabilizer is effective to 4.5 
stops in the PowerShot SX40 HS so you can 
shoot at approximately 4.5 shutter speed 
steps slower than a camera without IS and 
still get a shake free image. Dynamic IS and 
Hybrid IS were pioneered to combat blur in 
specific shooting conditions. 
Dynamic IS assesses low-frequency 
vibrations, such as walking, to produce 
much steadier video footage when  
the photographer is in motion, while  
Hybrid IS corrects linear movement which 
specifically causes problems during  
close-up macro shooting.
Lens Know-How
Canon’s 70-year optical heritage can be 
experienced in every one of the lenses it 
makes. Innovation is at the forefront of the 
brand and Canon is constantly evolving new 
technologies to allow optics to be highly 
compact and yet still deliver stunning optical 
clarity and sharpness.
Canon’s range of digital compact camera 
lenses share designs, materials, 
manufacturing and quality testing with many 
other Canon optics such as TV broadcast and 
EOS EF lenses – trusted by millions of 
professionals throughout the world.
Pioneering Canon-developed technologies 
like the optical Image Stabilizer (IS) keep 
shots free from blur and the Ultrasonic Motor 
(USM) aids quick and silent zooming to offer 
further improvements in image quality and 
response times. Add to that an extensive 
range of zooms – covering everything from 
24mm wide angle to 35x zoom – and it’s 
clear to see that Canon offers the ultimate  
in flexible and powerful products. 
Canon’s pioneering vision
With Optical Image Stabilizer
Without Optical Image Stabilizer