Canon A3300 IS 5033B012 User Manual (en)

Canon’s pioneering vision
Not all features are available on all cameras, please refer to Page 15.
Intelligent IS
Intelligent IS is the latest image stabilisation technology which can conveniently 
help you achieve sharp photos and movies – whether shooting extreme macro 
close-ups or moving to keep up with the action. Versatile and fully automatic, 
Intelligent IS constantly detects your subject and adapts the optical Image Stabilizer 
to the scene, from seven available modes: 
Powered IS: When shooting 
movies with high zoom, 
Powered IS uses Canon 
camcorder technology to 
provide much steadier 
footage for more clarity  
and less wobble.
Dynamic IS: Helps produce 
smooth and clear movies.  
It corrects both hand shake 
and user-movement 
vibrations – such as when 
shooting from a car or 
walking along with the action.
Normal IS: Combines 
standard optical image 
stabilisation with Hybrid IS 
for minimum blur when 
shooting photos. 
Macro IS: Optimises Hybrid 
IS when shooting from very 
short distance. Originally 
developed for professional 
Canon EF lenses, Hybrid IS 
provides ideal correction for 
sharp handheld close-ups. 
Tripod Mode: Whenever the 
camera is fixed on a steady 
surface it automatically turns 
image stabilisation off for 
optimum results.
Panning IS: Stabilises in only 
one direction, allowing you to 
smoothly keep the framing 
on a moving subject. Works 
with either horizontal or 
vertical panning. 
Dynamic & Macro IS: 
Detects when filming from 
short distance and combines 
the corrections of Dynamic 
and Hybrid IS for sharper  
and smoother footage.