Leica Elmarit-R 28 mm f/ 2.8 Lens Brochure (en)

LEICA SUMMILUX-R 35 mm f/1.4
Outstanding contrast rendition and precise detail reproduction are present at full aperture. There are no disturbing reflections,
even in critical situations like backlight scenes or when there are strong light sources in the picture area. Coma is practically non-exi-
stent and distortion is exceedingly low for a wide-angle lens with this speed. Floating elements provide a flat field in the near-focu-
sing range. The high speed in conjunction with the relatively short focal length allows hand-held exposures in extremely low light
situations. The starting aperture of f/1.4 produces a very bright viewfinder image that permits aesthetic application of selective
sharpness. All these qualities make the LEICA SUMMILUX-R 35 mm f/1.4 a popular tool for reportage photography.
Lens shape
Floating element