Sony E 10-18 mm f/ 4 OSS Lens Specification Guide (en)

A Unique View of the World
With exaggerated perspective and intriguing visual distortion, this fisheye lens brings images 
closer to the focal plane for a view beyond the ability of human eye.
4 Rotating Filters
Built-in filters can be selected by simply rotating a dial on the lens -- including Normal, 056 for 
accented contrast in B and W photos, B12 to correct color by eliminating red tones, A12 to 
correct color by eliminating blue tones.
A superb fisheye lens with a look all its own -- a fascinating perspective 
on landscapes, cities, crowds and special events.  With a 180° angle of 
view and extraordinary corner-to-corner sharpness, this lens achieves 
crisp, clear detail from about 8 inches to infinity.  Mounted on Sony 
α (alpha) DSLR cameras, it provides a 110° angle of view with 
24mm focal length (35mm equivalent).