Polaroid PDC 3030 User Guide (en)

Polaroid PDC 3030 Digital Camera User Guide
For Windows® Users: 
•  Transferring and Viewing the Pictures, Audio Clips and Video 
Clips on PC
1. Turn on the camera 
2. Set the camera to Playback mode.
3. Connect the camera to a computer via the USB cable.
4. Open the Windows® Explorer and then you can see a “Removable Disk” 
5. Double click “Removable Disk” -> double click “DCIM”-> double click 
6. All  the  pictures,  video  clips  and  audio  clips  are  in  the  “100MEDIA” 
folder. Highlight the pictures, video clips or audio clips and drag them 
to a folder of your choice. You can also create sub-folders to group 
them or use the Arcsoft software to edit and manage the pictures or 
video / audio clips.
For Macintosh® Users: 
•  Transferring and Viewing the Pictures, Audio Clips and Video 
Clips on Mac
For MAC user, directly plug-in the camera,
no need to install the driver.
1. Turn on the camera 
2. Set the camera to Playback mode.
3. Connect  the  camera  with  MAC  via  USB  cable,  the  systems  will 
automatically recognize the MASS STORAGE drive named “untitled”.
This Drive name will be varied from different version of MAC OS system.
4. Double click the folder “untitled” to enter sub-folder “DCIM”.
5. Double click the folder “DCIM” to enter sub-folder “100MEDIA”.
6. You can copy the pictures, audio clips and video clips from this folder 
“100MEDIA” and paste to the hard disk.