Polaroid PDC 3030 User Guide (en)

Polaroid PDC 3030 Digital Camera User Guide
• Using Your Batteries
•  Batteries should be replaced by an adult.
•  Do not mix different types of batteries or new and used batteries.
•  Use recommended or equivalent type of batteries only. 
•  Insert the batteries with the correct polarity.
•  Remove exhausted batteries from the camera immediately.
•  Do not short the supply terminals.
•  Do not dispose the batteries in fire.
•  Remove batteries from the camera when not in use.
  These instructions should be retained for future reference.
• Tips, Your Safety & Maintenance
Your Camera should only be operated within the following environmental conditions; 
• 41 - 104º Fahrenheit; 5 - 40º Celsius
• 20% - 85% relative humidity, non condensing
Battery life or image quality may be affected outside these conditions
 Camera Cautions
• NEVER immerse any part of the Camera or its accessories into any fluid or liquid.
• ALWAYS disconnect the Camera from your PC or TV before cleaning it.
• ALWAYS remove dust or stains with a soft cloth dampened with water 
or neutral detergent.
• NEVER place hot items on the surface of the Camera.
• NEVER attempt to open or disassemble Camera as this will affect any 
warranty claim. 
• Uninstalling the Camera Driver (PC only)
1.  Unplug the camera from the computer.
2.  Go to Start -> Setting -> Control Panel.
3.  Double click Add / Remove Programs.
4.  In Add / Remove Programs, select “Polaroid Digital Cam” and click the 
Remove button.
5.  Restart the computer.