Canon EF 8-15 mm f/ 4 L USM Fisheye Lens Instruction Manual (en)

EF100mm f/2.8
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The EF50mm f/2.5 Compact macro is a macro lens that can be used for 
standard shooting and for close-up shooting up to 1/2 × (0.5×). This is a 
standard macro lens for EOS cameras. Lifesize magnification (1×) is also 
possible by attaching the Life Size Converter EF sold separately.
The Canon EF100mm f/2.8 Macro is a medium telephoto macro lens that 
provides life-size close-up capability.
 Safety Precautions
1.  Do not look at the sun or a bright light source through the lens 
or camera. Doing so could result in loss of vision. Looking at the 
sun directly through the lens is especially hazardous. 
2.  Whether it is attached to the camera or not, do not leave the 
lens under the sun without the lens cap attached. This is to 
prevent the lens from concentrating the sun’s rays, which could 
cause a fire.
 Handling Cautions
If the lens is taken from a cold environment into a warm one, 
condensation may develop on the lens surface and internal parts. 
To prevent condensation in this case, first put the lens into an airtight 
plastic bag before taking it from a cold to warm environment. Then take 
out the lens after it has warmed gradually. Do the same when taking 
the lens from a warm environment into a cold one.
1. Mounting and Detaching the Lens
See your camera’s instructions for details on mounting and 
detaching the lens.
•  After detaching the lens, place the lens with the rear end up to prevent 
the lens surface and contacts from getting scratched.
•  If the contacts get soiled, scratched, or have fingerprints on them, 
corrosion or faulty connections can result. The camera and lens may 
not operate properly.
•  If the contacts get soiled or have fingerprints on them, clean them with 
a soft cloth.
•  If you remove the lens, cover it with the dust cap. To attach it properly, 
align the lens mount index and the  index of the dust cap, and turn 
clockwise. To remove it, reverse the order.
2. Setting the Focus Mode
To shoot in autofocus (AF) mode, set the focus mode switch to AF ❸ .
To shoot in manual focus (MF) mode, set the focus mode switch to MF, 
and focus by turning the focusing ring. 
•  Do not touch the rotating parts of the lens while AF is active.
3.  Switching the Focusing Distance Range 
(EF100mm f/2.8 Macro only)
FULL:  Allows a focusing distance range of 0.31 m (Min. focusing 
distance) to 
 for standard shooting ❹ .
LIMIT:  Allows a focusing distance range of 0.31 m (life-size) to 0.57 m 
(0.25×) for close-up shots.  
4. Close-up Photography (Macro Photography)
Close-up photos are possible up to 0.5× maximum magnification with the 
EF50mm f/2.5 Compact macro, and up to 1× (life-size) magnification with 
the EF100mm f/2.8 Macro. The focusing distance is the distance from the 
subject to the film plane.
When focusing, you can give priority to framing or to magnification.
[Framing Priority]
While looking through the viewfinder and framing the subject, focus with 
the AF or MF mode.
[Magnification Priority]
(1) Set the lens’ focus mode switch to MF.
(2) Set the magnification.
While referring to the distance scale on the lens, turn the focusing ring 
to the desired magnification.
(3) Focus the subject.
While looking through the viewfinder, move the camera forward or 
back to find the point of focus.
(4) Touch up the focus.
Turn the focusing ring for fine focusing.
•  Since macro shots have a very shallow depth of field, focus 
carefully to obtain proper sharpness.
•  To prevent camera shake, using a Remote Switch and tripod is 
recommended (both sold separately).
•  To check the depth of field, press the camera’s depth-of-field 
preview button.
  Magnification scale (normal operation)
 Distance scale
 Depth-of-Field scale
   Magnification scale with Life Size Converter 
EF attached (EF50mm f/2.5 only)
 Distance index
 Focusing ring
  Focus mode switch
  Lens mount index
   Focusing distance range selector switch 
(EF100mm f/2.8 Macro only)
Macro Lenses 
EF50mm f/2.5 Compact macro
EF100mm f/2.8 Macro